Our workshops aim to teach brand representatives, marketers and Influencers all the hacks and what they need to know the right track to reach their goals with knowing all about the industry gems that would cut it short for their journey. Uncover workshops are divided into Go Digital and Go Smart workshops.


Go Digital

Digital Content Workshop

1. How to Monetize from your content

2. Latest Trends in the Digital Media Industry

3. Future of the Digital content distribution

Gaming Content By Reviewers and Developers

4. How to monetize from your game

5. How to create your own company for games

6. Game Development Managment and Teamwork

Go Smart

Production Management

7. Cinematography Keys

8. Editing Hacks

9. Principles of Directing

Influencer Journey From Micro to Mega

10. How to gain money Instructor

11. How to grow from Micro to Mega Instructor

12. Talent Management Instructor

Who are the Instructors?

  1. Founders / CEO’s
  2. Brand Manager
  3. Marketing Manager
  4. Influencer Marketing Professionals
  5. Digital Marketing Professionals
  6. Digital Production Professionals
  7. Game Developers

What You Will Learn?

  1. Best Practices for each industry
  2. Fundamentals of the Market Relations
  3. What to Do and What you should Avoid
  4. What are the Suitable Requirements and Characteristics
  5. Finding Suitable Tools and Planning for Campaigns and the Right Strategies