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Founder and Chairman of Mercury Communications

Speaker 36

Ossama Kamal

Kamal is founder and Chairman of Mercury Communications, with almost 34 years of experience in the diverse fields of communications; from being a renowned radio presenter to being a top-ranked TV anchor; and from being a writer in national and regional publications to being one of acknowledged figure in PR and Communications. Kamal was the official interpreter for former Presidents and continues to be a person with high-level political and economic connections in Egypt. Kamal is the only political talk show anchor to be privileged by conducting an exclusive TV interview with President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. The interview was conducted on the occasion of two years since the president took office. It was aired on all Egyptian governmental, local and private channels and it went on for more than 90 minutes. In addition to being the founder and CEO of Mercury Communications, Kamal chairs Tradefairs International, organizers of Cairo ICT – one of the leading technology events in the region. He started his work in the field of ICT in 1996 when he organized the First-of-its-Kind international event in Egypt covering and discussing technology in a trade fair and forum.

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