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Filmmaker&video editor and General manger at Arsem dahka NGO

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Marwa Turk

Marwa Turk took her bachelor degree from Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt (B.A. 2002) In Major Commerce she didn’t stand here but adding to that she took a B.A. in Major Editing from the American University in Cairo, (B.A. 2006), YAT – Diploma in Multimedia (YPDM) 2007 from Cambridge University (on-line) and Diploma in Journalism – anticipated 6/2017. Adding to her great educational path she started her career in video editing and Film Documenting in several places as BBC, Center for Prevention of Terrorism, Aroma Editor, Mazzika TV, Dream 2 and others. Adding to that she also edited and produced several Documentaries as for “Bokra Ahla” for Female Genital Mutilation and the documentary resulted in a constitutional amendment to increase penalties on such practices.

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