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Seif Zahran

Seif Zahran took his bachelor degree from Faculty of Arts Masscom Department, He used to work as an actor until the last year, and He wanted to be an actor since he was a kid so he started to take lots of workshops as the first step to reach his goals. He started his acting career in small roles in several series. The biggest role he participated in was in “El3ahd” Series in 2015 and also known for his final role in “3awalem khafeya” Series that took place the last year, and then he decided to stop. Regarding his overwhelming dream of being an actor his studies in Arts, he is working an executive director in a factory. He started vlogging thing for fun for 6 months ago and He didn’t know that all of this would happen and that his videos would go viral through youth and have this great exposure, so he decided to enjoy this part by keeping doing on what he loves.

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