Network Panel


Take your spot to meet the experts! As a part of Uncover program is gathering all experts, creators and talents in one place, we didn’t miss the chance to guarantee you a direct contact with Industry and brands experts by setting up a meeting with one of your choice from our dashboard and connect with them directly for the suitable time to meet for you both. @UNCOVER, we always say that we have built our community of gifted minds through networking and we are not stopping now! 


Who You Will Meet?

  1. Brands Managers
  2. Uncover Speakers and Instructors.
  3. Founders and CEOs
  4. Marketing Managers
  5. Influencer Marketing Professionals
  6. Digital Marketing Professionals
  7. Talents and creators

How to participate?

  1. Sign Up on our Website 
  2. Buy your ticket
  3. Check our Speakers Dashboard
  4. Connect with the one you'd like to meet
  5. Receive an acceptance email including the exact time.

Benefits of The Networking Panel

  • Meeting Experts of the industry
  • Know all the hacks you want to know
  • Know what you should do and want you shouldn’t
  • Know about the requirements you need
  • Know about the new media edge
  • How to market your content