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Director of the Egyptian Catholic Film Center

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Father Peter Daniel

A Franciscan monk and priest of the Franciscan Order in Egypt, born on February 1, 1967 in Alexandria, holds a BA in theological and philosophical sciences in 1994 and an MA in Media from the University of Salizian in Rome in 1998. Father Peter was known for being Pianist and choral leader of the Church of St. Joseph since 1990 to this day, Agent of the Egyptian Catholic Center for Cinema 1999-2010, Director of the Nile Hall of the Franciscan Fathers in 2007 to this day and the Director of the Egyptian Catholic Center for Cinema 2010 to this day. Beside these positions Father Peter has many activities he is part of like Festival of the Egyptian Catholic Center for Cinema, which is one of the oldest film festivals in Egypt and the Middle East, United Youth Drama Festival, Short Film Festival, Seminar of the journey of a star, Medical convoy in partnership with the Ministry of Health, The official of Coral Saint Joseph, who performed some concerts in Switzerland, Canada and Italy, also participated in the Divine Mass held at the air defense stadiums on the occasion of the historic visit of Pope Francis to Egypt and In 1999, two children of the Catholic Center participated in the International Competition (Zecchino d'Oro) in Italy and finished third, Participation in the jury of the 2016 Venice International Film Festival, as well as the Trento, Barcelona and Torino festivals and many other charity work he was part of. And for this great role he received many awards including Best Festival Award from Doshah Art website, Honoring ART Channel for the 2013 Personality, Certificate of Merit from UNESCO, Honoring the Friends of the Stars of Art- association of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Maggie Morgan Award for Peace, Honor and shield of channel -Sat 7- on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the start of the channel in Egypt.

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