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Founders of PandaandBear

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Wissam And Shehab

Wissam Alshamy, 24 old .. An Amateur of art since childhood .. start Taken pictures with my phone since Sixth grade primary ..i taught myself photography and began to known as a Mobile photographer and then began my career in the field of professional photography .. Now working in Social Media Marketing as a Content Creator and Art Director. Recently I start my own business with my bestfriend Shehab at pandaandbear

Shehab Eldin, 23 years old, I started as a photographer with Camera Before I realized the importance of photography by mobile .. And I strongly believe that photography talent more than equipment , i started developing my skills by doing multiple photo shoots in portrait, abstract, and street photography.. I work as media solution executive, and media editor, also as an art director in many projects by other photographers. Today, I have an art studio with my partner Wessam, working in multiple solo and joint projects in fashion, commercial and editorial photograpy. all of my previous work has led me to a greater chance to be more experienced in photography in general, and specially in mobile photography which still the closest to my heart.

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